Hell’s Kitchen Get Drunk Walking Tour

Hell’s Kitchen Get Drunk Walking Tour

Hell’s Kitchen Get Drunk Walking Tour (3 hrs.)
Departs: Friday – Saturday 8 Pm
Location: West 57th St & 9th Ave SE Corner (In-Front of 57th St Park) @ 7:45PM

Price: $75.00

Advance purchase is Highly Recommended, tours can sell out!


On this Three Hour Hell’s Kitchen Get Drunk -Pub Crawl Walking Tour layers of New York’s history unceremoniously preserved in its streets-capes, in stories told on park benches and bar stools, with ghosts glimpses into this shadowy Neighborhood. Hell’s Kitchen is one such neighborhood. Walking it with a guide we offers you a chance to bring alive some of that history.

Several legends compete to explain how Hell’s Kitchen got its name, but there’s no dispute about why. From the mid-1800s into the 1980s, this Midtown area, from 34th Street to 59th Street between Eighth Avenue and the Hudson River, was one tough neighborhood and 9th Ave was Center. Though it’s now known by many for its Off Broadway theaters, chic restaurants and luxury condominium towers (and as the name of a reality TV show), Hell’s Kitchen has a history that’s rich with gangsters and ghosts, streetwalkers and speakeasies, mysterious disappearances and gruesome murders. To Read More Click

description: Under the Magnificent Photogenic Washington Square Arch, the heart of Bohemian Greenwich Village, we head past the former homes of great Writers, Artists, Poets, Actors, Politician and Musicians
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